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keg brasserie

After starting a friendship in high school and then 25 years of career building, we once again decided to look around the big wide world together. Through our joint adventures we discovered the world of craft-local-gourmet-newwave beer, which had redefined pub culture. The world had changed quite a lot in 25 years, but in many ways it was still the same as ever. People liked being in good company, talking, drinking fine beverages, eating excellent food and feeling happy and satisfied.

We are both fathers and as such dreamed up a place where different generations could have a good time together, where our daughters and sons and our mothers and fathers could gladly sit down and come and go as they pleased. We couldn’t fit everything we planned into a 320 square-meter basement, and, to be honest, we didn’t even try. Instead, we focused on making sure everything important to us could somehow be part of the pub. Keg carries 32 taps of excellent beers from around the world and from Hungary, and we have a wide selection of classic cuisine, with culture and sports a regular part of our pub.

Things written about us here and here.

ever more good beer

fresh and bright

We have 32 taps, because we aim to offer a wide variety of quality. We give beer all it deserves: every drop is fresh because it is cooled from the first moment it gets here to the moment before you drink it. From basic styles to extremes, from small Hungarian breweries to international classics, in all colors, strengths, types, categories, bitterness and origin, no matter what the beer, if it is tasty and non-industrial, we will tap it.

culinary arts

classic, elegant, pub fare

We put together our à la carte menu to make sure beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers alike would find their favorites. We offer classic pub fare along with more elegant or lighter dishes.

On weekdays we offer a three-course lunch special, which you can order by course if you like.

drinks and refreshments

all that isn’t industrial

As with our beers and food, when choosing our other alcoholic drinks and refreshments we made sure they were not industrial products. We’d like to offer our patrons a richer, more interesting world of tastes, but at a reasonable price. We have cola, but not of the C or P variety.


We have orange juice, but not of the F variety. Instead, ours is organic and free of preservatives, made from real fruit. But after a great deal of painstaking thought, we made one exception: no Hungarian brasserie would be complete without Unicum.

what is a keg?

quick guide

Kegs are metal barrels of various sizes but of standard shapes, used to store various materials.

Traditionally, beer has been stored in stainless steel kegs, at least until recently.

From the first decade of the 2000s other materials have become common, with many new wave breweries using plastic kegs, such as KeyKegs. This means that within the plastic the beverage is contained in a sack. Currently the keg and KeyKeg are the two dominant forms of storage and transport, and it is still unclear which will be most common this century. That is, if one overcomes the other at all.

A keg has a volume of 58,7 liters.


Orlay utca 1, Budapest 1114, Hungary

Phone: +36 1 616 8694, +36 30 140 3125

Open hours

mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays, sundays: from 12:00 till 23:00 – kitchen untill 21:45

thursdays, fridays, saturdays: from 12:00 till 24:00 – kitchen untill 22:30

Terrace closes at 23:00 everyday.

Privacy Policy

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