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keg events

KEG Brasserie offers a selection of professional teambuilding activities and lighthearted games 
suitable for both corporate events and friend groups alike.


Our brasserie can accommodate 145 people. If required, the area and the number of guests can be halved for events, and for smaller groups, the space can be divided even further with mobile screens.
Take a look around KEG in 3D and Google maps.

If you’d like to knowmore after reading our packages below, get in touch with us here:

1 Orlay Street, Budapest 1114

+36 1 616 8694

+36 30 140 3125

"The KEG team was very professional. Our managers loved the place, the food, the drinks
and the program. I would like to thank the two colleagues who organized the team building program for bringing us such varied and fun games. They guided the team well and more sentences were said in the game that already promise to be bywords"
– Zsófia Süle, Training coordinator, FESTO-AM Kft.

beer culture 101

60-120 minutes,  10-45 persons

During this session you will familiarize yourself with the history of beer while getting to know various brewing techniques and beer types, and learning what expressions like Pils, Sour, IPA and top fermentation stand for. Would you like to know more about the world of beers? Are you interested in learning about brewing, the history and types of beer, and how certain beers are best enjoyed? Our beer tasing classes will help deepen the knowledge of each participant in your group. While savoring a tasting menu assembled from our top-quality assortment, we will talk about all the things one needs to know to turn beer drinking into beer culture. This class can be customized to best fit your needs: we offer memorable fun for 10-45 persons with thematized or comprehensive tasting menus.

Sorkultura mindenkinek.jpg

shaken or stirred?

90-150 minutes,  15-65 persons

Team-building fun with casual games, where long-time team members can easily mix with the newcomers. Your office team just expanded? You’d like them to get to know each other better with a beer in hand? Or would you like to simply unwind together so you would work together more efficiently? Shaken? Stirred? This lighthearted team-building activity featuring short games will help them form a connection to better tackle everyday challenges as a team. A highly customizable, 90-150 minutes long session that is ideal for groups of 15-65 persons.

next please!

120-180 minutes,  25-40 persons

Rivalling departments can let loose their competitive edge, while each group can strengthen their team spirit through a series of fun challenges. Do they form a well-oiled, tight unit? Or do they work at various departments? Do they need to rely on each other’s work, or do they belong to rivalling teams? We offer them the perfect opportunity to find the best ally! This session includes several fun games of varying length that either build on cooperation or require individual skills to ultimately bring your team together – or to boost the competitive spirit within the company. This guided thematic program can last for 120-180 minutes and it is ideal for 25-40 persons.

Kerem a szovetkezot.jpg
Vallt vallnak veto vallalkozas.jpg

shoulder to shoulder

180-240 minutes,  15-25 persons

Teambuilding workshop where each challenge requires close cooperation. Do they form a close-knit team, where everyone faces the same issues? Do they need to overcome daily problems by working together closely? How about trying this in a completely different setting? The time has come to fight shoulder to shoulder to work their way out of a situation full of exciting challenges. This thematic team-building program follows a story where obstacles can be tackled only by working in sync to solve even the most unexpected problems. This game will help bring a wide array of hidden talents to the surface: from manual skills to strategic planning, from joint brainstorming to final decision-making. This complex workshop lasts for 180-240 minutes and it’s designed for 15-25 participants.

tasting for beginners

180 minutes,  20-45 persons

A beer tasting that can be enjoyed even without any prior knowledge of craft beers. 7 beers, a quiz master and a beer sommelier to lead the way. A light-minded tasting with not-so-light challenges! This fun event can be enjoyed by everyone who likes beer and appreciates a little variety – no serious beer knowledge required. During the game you’ll need all your senses, and your memory and dexterity will also be tested. 7 exciting tasting rounds featuring playful challenges introduced by our quiz master, and a beer sommelier who gives you a thorough background of what you are drinking. This 180-minute long session offers excellent entertainment for 20-45 persons.

Lame tasting.jpg
Kotetlen italozas.jpg

casual drinking

65 persons

Well, the name says it all: unlimited drink and food offers, 32 craft beers, fully customizable and flexible! Do you need to unwind after a marathon of meetings? Are you looking for a casual and friendly evening free of constraints? Then our unlimited drink and food offers are just the thing for you! The best beer assortment in Hungary, excellent wines and spirits, and popular soft drinks are accompanied by a gourmet menu to provide an assuredly memorable experience to our guests. Besides the highest quality, we offer flexible solutions to best fit your needs: a selected or comprehensive drink package, table service or hot/cold buffet food. We take special care of our guests with allergies or intolerances, so they can enjoy a carefree evening with the rest of the group. Thanks to our double-nave interior we can serve 65 persons in each space.

keg office

4-65 persons

A simple workday, a presentation, or maybe a brainstorming session? Switching things up can help leave our comfort zones behind – something different will surely get the juices flow! Do you need an inspiring work environment to present a new project? Or do you need a friendly, colorful space that offers more comfort for your creative process? Let KEG become your office for the day! Variety is the spice of life, they say. A business lunch, a few smaller meetings, a joint brainstorming, a special discussion: coupled with full service, this setup will offer you a chance to benefit from efficient and productive working hours. We will also meet your special or technical needs to the best of our ability.

Lame tasting.jpg
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